The Mindset Of Winners

Excellence is more than simply knowing what to do.  It is a combination of mindset, skill set and emotional management, which you can apply in your education, career, performances and personal life to get better results.  The right mindset, increases our ability to perform at our best, get the most out of our learning and have a more enjoyable experience. The problem for too many people is they believe having a skill set is enough.  This is why we find skilled people without the ability to get started or progress and lesser skilled people moving their way to the top, surpassing those that are more qualified or simply better at what they do.  What if we could get the appropriate mindset as and when we want and learn ways to stay in control of our emotions? 

By managing our mental and emotional experiences we can stay in control regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in.  Many people cannot do this so struggle often unsuccessfully to contain their emotions, and manage themselves whilst engaging in some activity.  Those that can do this have an overwhelming advantage and a greater chance of being a winner.  

Get the most out of education, whether formal (school/college/university) or self education and home-schooling.  See how every aspect of learning and  teaching can benefit and make the most of your time there regardless of how you have done in the past.

Increase your chances of success as you continue learning and make progress at work.  Learning is different when you are not at school – past memories, experiences and results can influence how successful or not your career education is.  Is it worth leaving it to chance?

Sometimes we get one shot, where we have to perform live and give our best performance.  In things like sport, acting, dancing, public speaking, singing – we need to step up and doubts and fears can mess with our performance level. 

Helping You

When we feel better, we do better.  If we are not overwhelmed with emotions, we can move forward with what is best for us without an immense emotional struggle.  Combining tapping (aka EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique) with other personal development tools to make a massive impact on your ability to get the best out of yourself. 

Exam Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Pressure and general life stress all affect our ability to focus, absorb and recall information clearly when necessary.  All those hours of learning, studying, revising to get good grades can go to pot simply because of the stress you go through at crucial exam time.  

We all get stressed, but when teachers get stressed, it can impact their effectiveness and how students learn.  We cannot perform at our best when we fighting to ignore emotional distractions, are under pressure or need to go against our own beliefs.

Even if the actual bullying is over, it can impact lives for years, with many people underachieving because of it’s effects.  We work with all involved in bullying, including teachers, bystanders and parents who all contribute and are impacted by bullying.           

Anyone can set goals, but it is achieving them that is the real goal.  Few people actually achieve goals they set and many people who do achieve their goals end up unhappy.  Learn why and avoid the same errors that waste our time and energy

Why do we find it so hard to change certain behaviours even when we know of better alternatives.  The more we understand the easier it is to change our behaviour and help others to change theirs.

Imagine that you could go beyond average and become exceptional.  The opportunities, possibilities, the choices and the rewards that you would experience would change.  This is where a lot of happiness, satisfaction and enjoyment come from.

As much as we like to think it is possible, we cannot leave our thoughts, our feelings and our habits in a box whilst we do what we need to do.  They are always with us and though we may try to ignore and suppress them (which in itself takes away from our performance), all it takes is one word, one memory, one action.  We get triggered, distracted, emotional, lose focus and momentum.  It can change our mood and interfere with our ability to think clearly, understand properly, recall accurately or behave appropriately.   

When we know how to reduce and even eliminate this, we can take what we are doing to a higher level. 

Tapping Ed for you

why tapping / EFT?

Tapping aka EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a technique used to help release our emotions.  At Tapping ED, we use this as one of the tools to release emotions that keep us from being the best we can be and affect our choices, behaviours and well-being. 

Click ‘Contact Us’ to arrange to discuss how we can teach Tapping to your students.  Click ‘Watch Now’ to see how Tapping is being used to help children in education around the world.


Personal development

Success in any area is not just about having the skills for the job at hand and removing emotional barriers.  Most people’s strategy is trial and error or simply work hard year after year after year before getting disheartened.  There are proven and repeatable strategies that when adopted increase your chances of getting what you want.  

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