About tapping ed

Meet Rhonda Karen

Tapping Ed was created by Rhonda Karen to assist others in the pursuit of peak performance and achievement.  For more than 20 years, Rhonda has been working towards gathering the best possible tools and information to allow us to get the most out of ourselves, regardless of where we currently are.  What she discovered was that it was during our learning experiences that we develop many bad habits,  experiences and beliefs that shape our future, and limit our potential. So,  what better way than to improve our ability to manage our experience in the learning environment and create the best foundation for us to grow into whatever it is we want.

At Tapping Ed, we believe that there is more than one route to success and that not every individual is suitable for any single method.  We, therefore, encourage people to use whatever resources are available to them in ways that benefit them and bring them closer to their goals.  Knowledge is key to success, but there are many factors that can affect how and if this is obtained.  We want to make learning, in whichever manner you choose to use, to be productive, easy and enjoyable.  This can be difficult when there are obstacles and barriers in our way. Our aim is to assist you to remove them so that you can benefit unhindered from your educational experience.

At Tapping Ed, we operate from one simple fact – Whatever you do, starts with you, is affected by you, is experienced by you and ends with you!  From your choices, to how you do things, to the impact you want to make, to how it makes you feel, to how you respond to it.  We therefore place a lot of emphasis on helping to shape you into the type of person you want to be, in order to live the way you want to live.  Success begins and ends with you and it is only your definition of success that can truly make you happy.  Rather than give one strategy and expect it to work for any of the 7 billion people in the world that happens to come across it and work for their individuals requirements, we show you how to tailor our strategies to suit you as a unique person with individual aspirations, values, beliefs and experiences.