We convince ourselves that we are fine in order to avoid having to face things we would rather hide from

Whether we have issues relating to past educational experiences or personal experiences, there are a great number of reasons why we may find ourselves making excuses as to why we cannot step outside of our comfort zone and start doing the things that we need to do in order for us to be, do or have what we would ultimately like.  At Tapping Ed, we work to help you get more out of yourself and your educational experience.  Working either with individuals or with groups, we provide courses, group training or 1-to-1 sessions in the areas below. 

Learn to tap

Want your students or staff to learn Tapping so that they have tools to regulate themselves?  We can help.  

By visiting your school/college/university, we can teach this amazing technique to groups.  Giving advice on how to use it, answering questions that may arise and helping users to feel confident using this method in a variety of areas of their lives.