"This is not a goal setting course. The goal is not to set goals, the goal is to achieve them."
Rhonda Karen

More Than Just Goal Setting!

Setting goals is easy – most of us do this everyday.  Achieving the goals we set is another story, especially goals that take longer, take us out of our comfort zone and cause us to achieve at a much greater level than ever before.  We don’t just give instructions on how to set goals and leave you to it. We know that you will more than likely experience some inner struggle that can stop you in your tracks.  So we give you the tools to deal with these effectively.


setting goals that really matter

Why do people set and achieve goals but still end up unhappy and dissatisfied?  Learn what really causes this and how to avoid it by understanding what really matters to you.  

letting nothing stand in your way

That little voice in our heads that we try to ignore and don’t really talk about and those sneaky uncomfortable feelings that keep popping up, destroy more dreams than anything else.  When you decide to do something and that voice says no you can’t and those feelings of fear, shame, anger or whatever they may be start showing up, instead of backing away from your goal, we will show you how to take charge.

What Else Does This course Include:

What Do I Really Want?

Matching your values and morals with your goals, ensuring that conflict is kept to a minimum and satisfaction to a maximum

Who Do I Need To Be?

Create the changes within you that help you to achieve and enjoy your goal and the journey to it.

Break It Down To Build It Up

Understand how to create big goals without becoming overwhelmed.

Obstacles? What Obstacles?​

Get creative and find ways to achieve what you want without holding yourself back.

Habits That Help

Create habits that drive you forward and propel you in the direction that you want to go, whilst removing habits that are no longer effective.

Got It! Now What?

Why stop now? Achieving goals feels great! Now let's take another leap forward.