"I had to give a speech in a sociology class and it went really badly. I had done so much research, I got overwhelmed and froze. I felt really awful… But we tapped through that and it has made me much more confident."
Naomie Harris
Actress (Plays Bond Girl and Winnie Mandela)

so effective, even professionals use it

Professionals are now adopting tapping to give them the edge to be able to perform well in their careers.  Here are just a few:

Michael Ball, singer, uses Tapping to deal with his panic attacks and stage fright.  

Bralon Taplin used Tapping before winning his race at the Rio Olympics in 2016 and in the 2018 World Championships.

Naomie Harris, actress, has used Tapping to deal with her nerves

Whatever the performance

Nerves, anxiety, fears, past performance trauma, lack of focus, frustration – are experienced in every type of performance.  They are not sport specific nor career specific.  Tapping deals with the emotion so can help you deal with whatever is the issue for you.

Tapping can help

The skill set is practised so often that it is second nature.  The difference, therefore between a good and bad performance, is more often than not, a mindset issue.  The mental and emotional game is possibly the one thing performers have the most difficulty with.  Let us help you hone your mental skills too.