Tapping In Education Worldwide

Join the millions of people benefiting from Tapping Worldwide

Tapping is being used all over the world and people are experiencing great results.  It is becoming more and more widespread in schools, colleges and universities where students and teachers are crediting Tapping with increased performance, results and success.  Better working environments for teachers, greater results for schools and better school experiences for students. 

Tapping In Schools Trials

In Australia, trials were undertaken using Tapping (EFT) within schools by Dr Peta Stapleton, a registered Clinical & Health Psychologist and Associate Professor in Psychology at Bond University.  Watch a news clip of the outcome of these trials.

Tapping In Schools In America

In America, schools are embracing Tapping and both students and teachers are benefiting and enjoying the results.

Tapping Pilot In England, UK

Professor Tony Stewart undertook a pilot study of EFT Tapping in in England, UK.  Watch a BBC News clip of the outcome of this pilot.

Tapping For Maths Anxiety

In this Tedx Talk, Dr Katie Nall, talks about using Tapping with her Maths students with great success.

Tapping In School In Australia

A staff member of Varsity College discusses the impact of the tapping in schools trials in Australia.  A 6 week tapping trial in schools targeting anxiety, academic fears, perfectionism and procrastination.

Tapping In School In Spain

In Spain, a 1st grade teacher talks about the benefits of using Tapping with his students. 

Tapping Endorsement

World renowned life coach Tony Robbins, talks about Tapping