It's Not Just Students That Bring Their Stress To School

Sometimes we forget that teachers are human beings that experience emotions and stress just like the rest of us.  At other times, because of their position of influence and status, pressure is put on them to be perfect, to know everything and to have flawless characters.  This pressure and everything else that teachers go through can actually make them less effective in the work they do no matter how hard they try. 

We are here to help!


For many people, having to deal with a class full of students, their behaviour and their personalities would be their idea of a living nightmare.  Learning how to manage your emotional experience whether in the classroom, dealing with parents, personality clashes, conflicting values and beliefs will make you both more relaxed and more effective in your work.


So much goes on behind the scenes that teachers have to contend with.  Whether that it conflict or disharmony amongst staff, job dissatisfaction, rules you disagree with, government targets or initiatives that you don’t feel are a good idea or even pay disputes.  These all take attention away from and affect your ability to relate to your students, give them your full attention and provide them with your full ability as a teacher.  Don’t let yourself slowly become more and more disheartened or more and more burnt out.  Gain the ability to choose what and how you are impacted.


Life has a way of throwing curveballs at us at the most inconvenient times, but as a teacher, any time is an inconvenient time, because of the impact your emotional and mental state has on the students you are trying to help.  Students can pick up on and respond to your moods and feelings, sometimes in ways you don’t want.  Teachers may then respond to the student’s behaviour and a vicious destructive cycle has formed.  Learn how to deal with your stresses outside school and reduce the chance of things going downhill.