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A breakthrough course to help you how to Take Tapping Into Education

Don’t know how to take tapping into education?  Frustrated with rejections and no call backs.  Don’t know what steps to take. You are not alone.

After the Tapping In Education Summit last year, we had really good feedback and interest in Tapping in Education, but also had a lot of questions from practitioners struggling with how to do it.  So we gathered questions, frustrations and problems practitioners faced and instead of sharing what has worked for a few individuals, we spent 12 months researching and learning from the experts

Yes, that’s right.  We went and spoke to hundreds of TEACHERS, STUDENTS AND PARENTS, but we didn’t do it like everyone else. We had:

  • No Surveys using leading and limited answers
  • No Specific Questions that lead to rehearsed answers
  • No awkward professional looking interview where people tend to give politically correct answers

Our course is not the opinion or the perspective of a single person that takes into account one person’s experience, approach, qualifications and personality when taking tapping into education.  It is not information taken from a headline grabbing article.  It is not even the results of official surveys, where those who take the survey provide the information “they believe they should say” or feel “safe” to admit.

This is information gathered from hundreds of informal, off the record discussions, where participants could rest assured that there would be no comeback, no identification and no judgement for speaking their absolute truth.  Most of the time, you only hear a teacher publicly speak their truth when they are ready to or have already left the industry.  This course is the result of honest CURRENT experiences and opinions.

We have identified common patterns, common problems, common points of views and then searched for ways to use this information to help Tapping Practitioners overcome the hurdles that they have told us they face.  To help Tapping Practitioners to understand how to prepare, approach, relate and deliver in ways that gains attention and provide solutions to real problems.

We Gained Their Trust and Got Their Real Truth!


It took time.  But it was worth it.  We learned so much about:

  • What they really want, need and desire
  • What interests them
  • What essential steps to take to get their attention
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes people make when approaching schools
  • Why some people are quickly rejected and more…

Is This You?

stress eft tapping in school

Using The Wrong Approach

Yes, EFT is a stress relief tool, but is it really the right approach for education.

stop sign eft tapping in education

Being Rejected

Are you getting rejected, turned away or given excuses as to why the answer is NO?

Tapping Ed Newspaper

Using Headline Research

Has your business research come from random biased newspaper headlines blogs posts, individual opinions and gossip?

This 6 week course will take you through a number of steps, including

  • Narrowing Down your Niche, 
  • Defining Your Service, 
  • Developing Your Business and Success Mindset, 
  • Understanding your Prospect 
  • Learning What They Really Care About 
  • Approaching In A Way To Increase Your Chances, 
  • Getting Past The Gatekeeper 
  • Crafting Your Offer 
  • Converting Strangers Into Clients,
  •  Debunking Some Of The Myths About Education And Business

Scared that time constraints mean you won’t be able to carry out many bookings?

This course gives you insights on how you can fulfil more than one or two jobs a day, a major concern of practitioners.

Beginning on 3rd February, for 6 weeks, you will receive a new module each week to help you on your journey to your new career. You will gain access to our dedicated Facebook Page, where you can comment and discuss what comes up for you, gain support and be given an accountability partner to help you stay on track, keep up and do what you need to do to take you forward as quickly as possible. Furthermore, as we continue to update our research and findings in the future, this particular group, will continue to get access to the latest information, without a membership fee, which is something we are considering in the future. At the end of the 6 weeks, we will look at any questions that you may still have and how you can overcome them.

We will also be holding a prize draw, and the lucky winners, will have a photograph of themselves and a link to their website featured on the Tapping In Education World Summit 2020. As the Tapping In Education Summit will be held at the end of March 2020, this is a great time to get ready to take tapping into education.

Book your place on this course early because not only are spaces limited, but there is no other course out there like it. No other course based on 12 months of research of hundreds of the very people that you are trying to work with.

TappingEd is on a mission to take tapping into education but we understand that it’s not just about being a good Tapping Practitioner.  It’s not just about having a fancy presentation to wow people. It’s understanding, it’s connecting, it’s trusting, it’s breaking through their fear barriers BEFORE you can even get to show them how amazing tapping is and how much of a difference it makes. You can’t convince anyone if you cannot even get them to listen.

You could spend the next 12 months gathering information, speaking to practitioners and finding their difficulties to see what you may encounter and then speak to teachers, parents and student to gather and analyse their needs before putting these together with a variety of other information to learn for yourself, or you can join us and save yourself time, effort, frustration and disappointment and get a head-start on your career and on helping those in need most 

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